Clean Detox



what is clean detox?

Clean Detox is a combination of montmorillonite/bentonite clay and micronized zeolites. Both of these substances have negatively charged surfaces that readily bind to toxins, pathogens and heavy metals, aiding in their elimination from the body.

going the extra mile for a clean life

CleanLife goes the extra mile to source premium ingredients, and we never cut corners.


Heal & Detox

Clean Detox is a natural binding substance which can be used to support daily detoxification. Montmorillionite clay and micronized zeolites have negatively charged surfaces that readily bind to toxins, pathogens and heavy metals, aiding their elimination from the body.


Bentonite Clay

Clean Clay, a rare high-desert clay, works inside the stomach to bind itself to harmful toxins. As it moves through the intestinal tract, it collects toxins and can help move along and eliminate trapped waste found along the inner wall. Daily use of Clean Detox can help support a healthy digest system.



Zeolite is a volcanic mineral with a cage-like structure and a negative charge. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract positively charged toxins and heavy metals to the Zeolite. These are then trapped in its cage structure and carried out of the body. We use the micronized powder form of Zeolite which is the only form shown effective in all of the scientific studies.


This stuff will make you feel SO much better! You won't regret this one!

Bronson Helm

Loved the idea of detoxing and having a clean way to do it. (why would you detox with something that isn't clean? how could that help at all) This product seems to work. I feel very good. I will continue to use this product.

Tom Montgomery

Every time I've tried to really get in shape, I usually don't get past the first few weeks of hard training, simply because my body feels terrible. That's why this Clean Detox intrigued me. I realized it was important to detox my body before I started training so hard. It really made my body feel ready to take on the training I was about to give it. Also, it's only 20 bucks so it didn't hurt the wallet too bad either.

Jason Schneider

I took the Clean Detox supplement for a few weeks and got right back into my gym workouts. That cleansing did so much for my body! I gain so much more from my workouts now thanks to the Clean Detox formula from Clean Life. Highly recommend this product.

Christian Turner

I have been taking Clean Detox for the last 12 months. It is a great way to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body. When my kids get the stomach flu this really helps them get through it much faster.

Ben Hoopes