Clean Colostrum



maximum performance, no compromise

Our Clean Colostrum supports rapid recovery, builds lean muscle, enhances athletic performance, strengthens the immune system, and speeds cellular regeneration.



Builds lean muscle


Increases performance and endurance


Decreases recovery time, speeds healing, anti-aging


Toxin removal

going the extra mile for a clean life

CleanLife goes the extra mile to source premium ingredients, and we never cut corners.


ultimate superfood

Our Clean Colostrum is a superfood that supports rapid recovery, builds lean muscle, enhances athletic performance, strengthens the immune system, and even speeds cellular regeneration.


natural anabolic

With natural anabolics, Clean Colostrum supports optimum testosterone levels, reduces recovery time, increases strength, endurance, stamina, energy, and healing.



It’s in the science! Our pure Colostrum contains natural anabolic compounds including growth hormone (GH), Immune Factors (IGF-I & II), and anti-aging factors.


This is a product that I was introduced to by a friend. I have always taken protein and pre-workout so this was new to me. I have noticed a small difference so far and I am trying to decide if it is this product or my new workout schedule. Overall I would recommend it to anyone, It is completely healthy and is worth the try!

Will Horner

I wasn't sure about this product at first, if I would really work and if it would really work for me. I thought why not give it a chance at least once and if I don't like it then I never have to buy it again. Now I'm hooked every time I run out its not even a debate! I just come back and order more! I love this product! I can do more at the gym and im not sore as long. I recommended it to family and friends and they love it as well. I would recommend it to anyone! To anyone who isnt quite sure, just try it!

Melanie Emmonds

Been using this product for a few weeks now and can really notice a change in my energy level at the gym! I don't know if I'm getting any other benifits from this product but time will tell. Worth the extra boost at the gym for sure:) The price is worth it on this one! I was spending 80/month on caffeen pills and getting the shakes that come with it. This product rocks for energy and no shakes! Love it!

Marcus Hunsaker

I have been using this product a long time it has boosted my immune system and gives me more energy in the gym

Justin Matthew

I have been taking colostrum for the last 4 months. I have noticed it help increase my energy levels but mostly helping me stay healthy and help my foot heal.

Wade Olson